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Everyone speaks about Muslims, but you never hear Muslims speaking for themselves.

This is why OnePath Network exists.

After seeing how often people around the world speak about Islam with wrong and misleading information, a group of Muslims in Sydney decided to do something about it.

With the help of the local and global Muslim community, OnePath Network was born; a non-profit studio and platform for Muslims to share the true message of Islam.

We have produced hundreds of inspirational and educational videos to help Muslims and non-Muslims around the globe understand Islam.

Despite being a non-profit with a small team, we have grown over the years with a large international following, but so has our costs! We need your support to keep OnePath running and continue our work in spreading the Dawah of Islam.


In the last 5 years, we have accomplished the following

Videos Produced
+ Million
Video Views
+ Million
Online Followers

Developed Mobile App

Built a Professional Studio

Produced a Short Film: Last Chance

All of this was achieved in a few years as a NON-PROFIT Dawah organisation

With your help we can do so much more!


We can take OnePath Network to the next level and spread the message of Islam to every household around the world.

Why donate to OnePath?

Sounds great, but where does my money go?

Great question. By donating to OnePath, your investment will go towards the following programs:



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OnePath Network

Our premium channel, producing educational and inspirational Islamic videos on all topics.

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Living Muslim

Mohamed Hoblos and Steve Dabliz confront the challenges Muslim youth face in today’s world.



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Talk Islam

When it comes to Dawah, Talk Islam is where we tackle the big questions about Islam.


The Muslim Lady

The Muslim Lady features exciting and relevant content for Muslim women, by Muslim women.

On top of the above, your support will also allows us to:

Keep OnePath Network running. Quality production costs money!

Create professional online Islamic courses.

Seek out professional and creative talent to join the OnePath Network team.

Train our team to learn the best and latest media production skills.

Produce more high quality Islamic content.

Reach millions more with our Islamic videos, spreading the Dawah all over the globe.​

Imagine the ongoing rewards you will earn from supporting all of the above for just $1 a day!

The Messenger ﷺ said:
The most beloved deed to Allah is the most regular and constant even if it were little.

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